Update on 365 Faces

It has been awhile since I shared my progress on the 365 faces project I began at the first of the year.  The only way to improve artistically is to practice, Practice, PRACTICE! So, I challenged myself to draw an average of 1 face a day so that by the end of 2016, I will have a drawing, or sketch of 365 faces!

Here are some of the faces to catch up on… up through Face #74…. Yep!  I actually got AHEAD!  Although, some of these are just pencil sketches that I may go back and paint later.

They vary from two per page to one per double page spread.  The handmade paper in the book is super absorbent and hard to paint on, so it is very hard to do much detail work.  That is probably good because it forces me to work more loosely than I am accustomed to, especially on faces!  Once in awhile one turns up that I did entirely with a palette knife (top right above).  Watercolor and marker bleed alot, so I am trying to figure out how to use that to my advantage!

I am very lenient on myself whether they are “finished” or not!

Sometimes I added in paper. Sometimes I skipped a page to come back and do later when there was a drying issue! The woman to the left is a magazine clipping that I will go back and paint over as a way to practice proportions.  Her flat head from being at the top of the page bothered me, so I gave her a crown!

I am sure I missed some, but that gives you an idea what I have been up to in my little book!

For those of you with year long goals, we are almost 1/6 done!  Keep up the good work! (and cut yourself a little slack now and then!)


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  1. I love the variety in your pages. I see differences but I also see your own style evident in each one. I love working in series at the same time as working on individual pieces. I am close to finishing my current series which is painting monsters in an altered recipe book. My next series is going to be faces in ink and watercolour.

    • I love the combination of monsters and recipe book! I have been looking at Jane Davenport ‘ s beautiful watercolor and ink faces! Have fun with it!

      • Thanks. I blog about each painting over on my art blog (https://pictink.wordpress.com/) if you want to have a peek in an idle moment. I think I am going to opt for ink and watercolour simply because the media are in my comfort zone while I push myself to try new things with faces. Also, my previous two challenges have been acrylic and mixed media so it is time to change things up.

  2. Your faces are all beautiful. I love that you experiment with different poses, facial shape and proportions. I was passionate with practicing faces at the later part of 2014 up to mid 2015 and the energy to do more just run out of me. Hopefully this year I could get that mojo back.

  3. I love the one inside the heart! Lovely work!

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