An Extra Day

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Somehow I feel as if I was given a bonus today.  A whole “extra” day!  I have one more day this year to live and love and create and do than I have had the last three years.  It has got me to thinking about the treasure that each and every day is.  A chance to do better than yesterday, to love more, help more, and just live a little brighter.

To help you bring a little creative fun into your day, feel free to right click and download this coloring page!

each day


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  1. karen boone

    Thank you . Im looking for inspirational,bible coloring pages and Bookmarks so that I may color and or just hand out for others to color at my church and other places like the Hospital, veterans elderly homes . I am just starting this out as a mission called Praise it forward.

    • How fun! An artistic outlet and spiritual nourishment all in one! Wishing you the best as you reach out to others with Scripture, art and love!

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