Happy Birthday Yellowstone!

It was on this day 144 years ago that Yellowstone was designated by Congress as a national park.  This oldest national park covers more than two million acres and lies in three states.

Yellowstone entrance

As some of you may remember, my husband and I, and a couple of our daughters, went on a trip a few years ago that included our first visit to Yellowstone.  I kept a journal of our trip and thought you might enjoy reminiscing with me about the Yellowstone part of our trip.


The arch into Yellowstone gives a little peek of the waterfalls collaged on the next page:


This pocket keeps a paper with all the details about the Sapphire pool.


If you lift up on the butterfly, the map raises in a spiral cut to reveal another image below.


Tea bag envelopes were saved to make the pockets for this matching game about the animals of Yellowstone.


Nothing special about this page but the incredible photos!


And of course, no Yellowstone trip journal would be complete without a pop up page of Old Faithful!

I am already thinking about how I want to record our next trip!  What is your favorite way to journal while you travel?



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  1. I usually just write about my trips and have hundreds of photos, but I love this way of journalling a trip!

    • I did about 90% of it WHILE we were on the trip. So great to have it actually done instead of a good intention when we get home!

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