Gone Fishing


I have only gone fishing once in my lifetime and it seemed a little boring, at least until the brother of the friend I was with stuck fish eyes down the back of my shirt. Not my favorite pastime. But this arty kind of fishing is a sport I can enjoy!


I started with a background of hand painted deli papers decoupaged to nice little 3 1/2 x 10 1/2 inch aspen boards.


After painting around the fish shapes, I added some detail work.  The final catch was three charming little friends.


off to join the circus watermark

This one is “Off to Join the Circus” because I used my new 12 x 12 inch Circus stencil when I painted the papers.

number 67 watermark

“Number 67” bears a stencil of that number near his tail fin.

Caught red faced watermark

I think it is pretty obvious where “Caught Red Faced” got his name.

These little guys are just $25 each.  Email me at victoryrd@hotmail.com if interested in purchasing!

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  1. I think these fish are glorious. The texture, colour and sheen are just marvelous. Well done!

  2. Great job on these, Kayann. Love that you used the deli paper. xoxo

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