Because He Lives Coloring Page

2016-03-27 13.45.42

Today’s Scripture doodle is from John 14:19, “because I live, you also will live.” Simple words with such a huge promise!  If you would like your own coloring page, scroll down to the bottom for a free page.


What a lovely Easter surprise this morning to see all the beautiful snow!

20160327_073417 (1)

The clouds this morning were also beautiful… the photos don’t really do them justice!

And here is your coloring page, just right click on the image, download and print!

John 14.19



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  1. You are so talented. You can draw and you take beautiful pictures. 🙂

  2. Easter Blessings to you Kayann! My, I’m a bit shocked that is Kansas right now? Minnesota, maybe! LOL It’s 73 degrees on the upper Texas Gulf coast where I live. Wow! Anyhoo, thanks so much, I love what you drew. I am creating a ScriptureDex of my favorite Bible verses, one rolo card at a time, and I’m gonna try to shrink this down to 4 x 2.25 in PSE for one of my cards because I do love that verse. Have a great week! xoxo

    • That sounds so cool! Would love to see a picture of your ScriptureDex! And the spring snow was pretty unusual…. and all melted and nearly 60 degrees later in the day!

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