Barns and Bridges

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Being a Kansas girl, I see lots of barns, but I still took note of all the pretty ones on my recent trip to Illinois. With each, I imagined what a great studio they would make… with room for workshops below, and sleeping lofts above… Some women dream of large beautiful homes…. give me a barn studio!


This one has both dormers above, and a nifty little open space underneath!


Look at the size of this one! And I always have a soft spot for the fun little cupolas on the top. The child in me can imagine having a little lookout post up there…


Being a Kansas girl, I do NOT see many bridges, at least not BIG bridges! On this trip I crossed the Mississippi River, the Missouri River, and the Illinois River, plus countless other smaller rivers.  So many rivers, and so many bridges!  What I love is how different the bridges were, each had their own architecture and personality.

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All of the geometric shapes made me think of stencil designs, cool abstract collages, and stitching patterns.  So much inspiration!

What has inspired your creative juices this week?

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  1. Oh wow, I thought we were the only ones that had that arch bridge where I live, but there’s one that looks almost the same! I love love love driving under those arches – ours are golden yellow and on a sunny day it is like being on a cloud in the sky. xoxo

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