New Markers!


While in Illinois, I visited a Dick Blick Outlet Store with my friend Connie and workshop hostess Darla.  Four hours later, I rolled out in a happy daze with a load of new art supplies.  One of the wonderful things I found there was a set of 96 Tombow markers for 1/4 of their list price.

Deut 10.12 colored

People often ask me what is my favorite medium to use on coloring pages, and next to watercolors it is Tombow markers.  In fact, Tombows turn into a watercolor when you add water, so I often just outline the inside of a coloring space then wash with water to fill in the rest.  They are also super blendable, so you can easily mix colors.


The other great thing is that they have a fine point tip, and a brush tip so you can use them for tiny detail work, or for painting in areas.

What is your favorite marker?

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  1. I am pea green with envy on getting to go to any art store…Dick Blick outlet well life doesn’t get much better than that. I have a very limited budget and so pick things that I can use more than one way. These markers sound wonderful. As to favorite markers, I am not sure as only have two types Distress and Faber-Castell Pitt Art markers (India Ink). I’d love to go to a class where they let you try all sorts then maybe I find something I feel as passionately about as you sound to feel about your Tombow.

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