Happy Earth Day!

Citra Circles watermark
“Circles Rising”

I can’t think of a better day to celebrate Earth Day than by playing around with some Citra Solv and National Geographic magazines!  I just had a workshop on it at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita last weekend, and will have another this weekend, so I have been thinking Citra Solv!  (a workshop spot just opened up if you would like to join the fun!)


Steve and Melissa, the creators of the line of Citra Solv products, came up with the idea for a natural, environmentally safe cleaner—but one that worked as well as those harmful, toxic ones. Over the past 25 years, they have come up with a whole host of environmentally safe cleaning products, but of course my very favorite is the concentrated cleaner because it is also an awesome art supply, yielding beautiful results!




Some of the in progress and results from last week’s workshop…

I hope to get around to some Citra Art today!

Be sure to check out the Citra Solv artist site!


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