Strut watermark

Awhile back I photo stalked some crows that were hanging out at a convenience store parking lot.  They were feasting on the crumbs of all manner of junk food that had been dropped.  One in particular seemed to be strutting around like he owned the place.

And so, this is “Strut”, a collage and paint crow on a Citra Solv background.  I used a 10 x 10 inch wood panel as a base for this collage.

Next week Strut will head to Tessera Fine Art Gallery along with many other new pieces.

Hope you have a happily creative weekend!


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  1. Susan Gantz

    I can save you a trip to the gallery –and send you to the post office instead — unless this one costs a million dollars or is sold already. Let me know, please. Thanks.

    • Susan, thanks for your interest! Strut is $68 on a 10 x 10 wood panel.

      • Susan Gantz

        I would like to purchase him (her?). I think last time you sent me an invoice via PayPal. How about a magpie?? (They’re in the same family, known for many of the same characteristics.) I continue to be inspired by your work and your enthusiastic approach to life. S

  2. I love his strut. The phrase “cock of the walk” comes to mind even though he’s a crow.

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