Paper Love

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Sometimes I don’t know which I love more; making art, or just gazing at the art materials! This week I got an order of one of my favorite supplies… beautiful handcrafted papers! A whole box of lovely patterns, colors, and textures!

I ordered them from one of my favorite online shops, Mulberry Paper and More.  They have a wonderful and extensive selection of papers, and get my order gathered and to my door in less than two weeks!

My favorite is the collage pack, a fun package of 20 assorted papers for only $2.95!

scrap pack

I usually sort my lovely pieces of purchased, found, and painted papers by color and store in color themed bags and bins ready for creative collaging.  I find it so inspiring to just run my fingers through the papers!

What is your current favorite art supply?


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  1. Love Paper; they all look beautiful! Love visiting art supply stores, stationary shops…Though there’s not many where I live…out in the country side. Get most of my art supplies, from a store over here in Australia, called Eckersleys. I buy it online because, the nearest store is a few hours away, in the city.. Would be great to visit there soon, and have a browse around – hope to this year. About to order some heavy weight Canson watercolour paper…
    For printing my iPad art, I buy some lovely epson matt paper, and epson inks…online as well. Thank you for an interesting post; reckon you’ll have fun with that paper… All the best, Janette.

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