Encroachment watermark

“Encroachment” is another take of the very similar “Wishful Thinking” fox, but in a perhaps less idealistic world.  In most of my art, I prefer to create a world of my optimistic choosing, but once in awhile there is a little more of a deliberate message in my art.   According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, to encroach means:

  • to gradually move or go into an area that is beyond the usual or desired limits

  • to gradually take or begin to use or affect something that belongs to someone else or that someone else is using

I used only paper in this collage piece (other than the black painted sides of the cradle board panel) and I chose representations of the natural world on the left and the encroachment of a rather colorless man made world on the right.  The fox is kind of caught in the middle and if you look close you can see some of man’s influences absorbed into the fox.  But, it could also be taken as the created natural world keeping the man in check.  Which way do you see it?

Here are some in progress shots of this piece…

background papers

filling in almost done

This 16 x 20 collage will be hanging for a short time at Mead Street Gallery in Wichita.

Find prints in my etsy shop.

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