Celebrating the Heroes

hero on flag

Today I want to say thank you to all of the unsung heroes, past and present, that are responsible for what is good and right in our country. Thank you to the moms who held their families together despite all odds, thank you to the men who have stepped up to the plate and had the courage to be men of integrity.  Thank you to all of those people who quietly give to those in need and stand up for those who are oppressed or bullied.  Thank you to the clerk who shows kindness to a child, to the elderly woman who smiles her encouragement at the frazzled young mom and the young man who helps the elderly with their packages.  Thank you to the patient, to the courteous, to the loving and kind.  Thank you for your courage in whatever battlefield your circumstances have placed you in.  Thank you for standing for what is right and true.   Thank you to those who are not overcome by evil, but who overcome evil with good. Thank you to those who rather than just complain about what is wrong, choose to do what is right.

Thank you to all of these everyday people who make our country the best of what it is.


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  1. Susan GantZ

    Beautifully written. It is so hard sometimes to put energy into acknowledging the small moments that add up to good– when we are surrounded by so much that is broken.

    • Thank you Susan! Yes it is so easy to miss those hundreds of little quiet incidents of good in the face of so much headline grabbing evil… but it IS there! Thank YOU!

  2. Carol Caffrey

    Thank you,
    Kayanne, for writing such a beautiful tribute to the people who make our world a better place. I hope things are going well with you there. I enjoy everything that you share on your post. Have a great Fourth of July.

    • Thank you Carol! Hope you, and your daughter, have had a fun and creative month or two since we last met! Hope to connect again soon!

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