Throwback Thursday Trees

folk art tree watermark

It is hard to believe that it was only a short 3 1/2 years ago that I decided to start shifting my craft business to more of an art business.  This watercolor “folk art tree”  is one of the first “real” pieces that I did.  Because of that I have adopted it as my logo of sorts.  I think it is interesting that while my style has evolved some, and I have shifted to primarily mixed media, there are certain features, of my trees especially, that have remained.

SPRING watermark SUMMER watermark AUTUMN watermark WINTER watermark

Layers of paint and paper on the canvas first…


Then adding the trees…

t11 t8

The carving stamps to create the leaves and blossoms…


I enjoy putting prints of these pieces in old window panes… always a hit!

window pane trees for etsy copy  window pane four seasons

I am still loving trees and keep coming back to them from time to time!

Rumi change tree watermark Old Tree New Life watermark harlequin tree watermark med If Trees could Talk watermark trees are poems

'Rumi Tree' Citra Solv mixed media 2013 prints available

Christmas Tree copy

"Explore Growth"  Mixed Media prints available



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  1. love your trees and how they have progressed 🙂

  2. Your trees are always inspiring. Quite gifted, you are!

  3. What beautiful pieces of art! You’re very talented 🙂

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