Pair of Bluebird Collages

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I keep coming back to bluebirds.  There is just something about their colorful roly poly little bodies that appeals to me.  This pair is each on an 8 x 10 canvas and made entirely with collage.

Do you have a favorite bird?

(Thanks to my bird watching friend Connie for supplying me with oodles of bird photos to use as reference material!)

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  1. Susan GantZ

    I’d still like you to work your collage magic on a magpie. I’ve only seen them a few times while skiing in the west,and in Alaska,, but I love the stories about them. Like crows, they are known for collecting bits if things,and saving them for purposes no one understands– except the bird.

  2. Susan, I have actually begun a magpie at your encouraging, but I am struggling with it for some reason… it keeps seeming determined to look like a crow! I also am having trouble settling on which variety of magpie I want to do… suggestions? I will persevere, and hopefully be posting a lovely magpie one of these days!

  3. I’d love to see cardinals! Someone told me they are your loved ones watching over you so when I see one I think of my deceased family members. It brings happy memories.

  4. My favorite is the Chickadee!

  5. Susan GantZ

    I’m also totally in love with wrens, especially Carolina wrens. They are so decisive in their song, their nest building, their fierce territory defenses. The mocking birds I like the bes t are irresecent black,pure white and liVe in the northern hemisphere. The European ones are different. They are members of Corvus family, but are distinguished by the longest tails of non-exotic birds. One of the things I love best to do every morning is read your blog. Thank you.

    • That is sweet Susan! Maybe I am getting confused with the European magpies. I will focus on our northern ones! Thank you!

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