In my sketchbook lately…


While I love my art journal, I probably have been spending more time in my sketchbook lately, trying to capture ideas as they fly, doing relaxing doodles that will later become art fodder, or illustrating a verse or message.  They most often are not finished, as you see above, but just capture the essence of an idea to pursue later.


I have spent a lot of time on this sheet of intricate doodles that I am gradually filling in with paint and marker.  Then it will become decorative paper to use in my artwork.  Fortunately, I find it a relaxing before bed activity!

These are concept drawings for a piece that I will hopefully be sharing soon!


Doodles like this aren’t much to look at, but there are a couple of new stencils coming up that were born of this sketchbook entry!


And sometimes it is just a place where I try out a new style…

Do you keep a sketchbook?  What goes in it?

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  1. Those birds stacked on top of each other are adorable!! I love the colors you use! Out of curiosity, what kind of paper is in your sketchbook? Mine’s too thin and the water makes it wrinkle…

  2. I really like each of these pieces. I am especially drawn to the stack of birds and that page of doodles. I look forward to seeing how these sketchbook ideas might evolve.

    In answer to your question, I do keep a sketchbook and an art journal. However, in the past year my sketchbook has become the domain of concepts and workings out for art I am selling rather than just trying out ideas. Whereas I used to try things out in my sketchbook, I am now just incorporating that in my art journal. I guess it is just the convenience.

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