Letter Home

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Letter Home watermark

“Letter Home” is mostly collaged papers with just a touch of ink and topped off with a light coat of walnut wood stain.  It features a old envelope from the days when 8 cents would mail a letter.  The doilies under the vase and muffin, are made from a foreign newspaper while the stamp in the background as well as on the letter are from the United States.  The tag that dangles from the teabag is made from an old ticket.  A fountain pen lays next to the letter, as if it just finished writing.  Many of the pieces in the background, as well as an accent on the vase, and the wrapper on the muffin are made from the inside pattern of security envelopes.

The feeling is one of missing those back “home” but settled into new surroundings, enjoying a bit of tea with a morning muffin.  What we do today to keep in touch with old friends and family through social media on our computers and phones used to happen by mail.  I can imagine my grandmother (who loved lavender) sitting at this scene, enjoying letters from loved ones and writing messages of her own.

“Letters Home” is on a 10 x 10 inch wood panel, and is currently hanging at Tessera Fine Art Gallery in Wichita.

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  1. Such a lovely depiction of a gentler, slower time. When folks really did stop to smell the roses. I love it. I think of my grandmother who also loved lavender. And I think of a friend back in Haven who was the Postmaster – or as I called her – the Postmonster! It really evokes a good feeling deep inside. ????

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