Family Tree

family tree

One of the commissioned pieces I painted this summer was this family tree.  This was done as an activity/ prize for a family reunion.  The initials of the parents of the family are on the tree trunk in the heart.  The family name is on the banner.  There are 10 branches on the tree for the ten children of the couple.  And the fallen leaves at the bottom are for family members who have passed away.


At the reunion, those attending would add their own thumbprint leaf onto the tree on the appropriate branches.  Then there was to be a drawing for the tree as a prize to be taken home.

family tree watermark

I think this was a brilliant idea, don’t you?  It was fun to be a part of such a well thought out piece.  I kind of wish I was part of their family!

What great ideas do you have from your own family gatherings?


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  1. As an avid family historian, I think this is a wonderful idea. What a fun way to represent all the members of the family.

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