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After lots of play in our workshops last week with alcohol inks, resists, watercolors, pull up pages, and more… this seemed a truly fitting quote!  I have placed it on the alcohol ink background created on a glossy ceramic tile that I burned the alcohol off of.  Happy play time!

What kind of play do you enjoy?

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  1. Why do you ‘burn off’ the alcohol on the ceramic tile? Does it change the colour any? Did you stamp the quote on the tile or is it a rub on?
    Such beautiful work. Always. Love your blog!
    kara (from Canada)

    • Thanks for the great questions Kara! Burning off the alcohol does give it a different look. It changes the pattern and leaves some darker areas making more color variation. The quote was just added as a digital image and is not on the tile.

  2. Thank you for your reply. Do you coat/spray your tiles with anything to make the alcohol ink permanent or is it permanent enough to use as a coaster? What else would one do with them? (Other than admire their beauty!)…wish I could visit your workshops and the Tessera Gallery…

    • Wish you could too Kara! Before using them as a coaster, or trivit, I spray with a clear gloss by Krylon. I also put some cork or felt on the bottom. I have seen them framed very nicely, but haven’t done that myself.

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