Practice, practice, practice!  I call the face above “satisfaction” because she has a bit of a smug look.  I am getting closer to the loose look I am after… but not there yet!  It is not really realism I am after, I just want interesting looking faces that express that intangible and unfortunately illusive something that draws us to them. These are painted with bits and pieces of paper showing through, and a touch of Ranger’s Distress crackle in the background.

The next piece is “White Bird Flying” because of the words on the book page peeking through at the top.  Both of these are on 5 x 7 wood panels.


And finally, I will share my Frankenstein sketch from my first gathering with the Wichita Sketch Club, which I enjoyed very much!  I already learned some helpful tips that will hopefully that will help with my faces!  This guy is done with a soft Stabilo pencil on mixed media paper.


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  1. Love them all!

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