Little Church in the Wildwood and November Art Parts

Little Church in the Wildwood watermark.jpg

“Little Church in the Wildwood”  was inspired by the hymn about the “Little Brown Church in the Wildwood.”  I have always been intrigued by the word wildwood, so when this eirie and peculuar landscape appeared I almost exclaimed to myself “so THIS is a wildwood!” Next order of business was to nestle a little church among the trees, but I opted for a quaint little white church instead of brown.  What a fanciful place!

This art was created using papers out of my November Art Parts pack.  The theme of the pack is Nature’s Bounty, and has pages of beautiful scenery (among other things)  I tore up the papers and scattered them here and there on my board.  Then I filled in with paint, following the lead of the disjointed paper images. Basically just letting myself play and see what emerges! I kind of enjoy shaking things around once in awhile so I don’t get in artistic ruts!


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