December Workshops Preview


Tis’ the season for some great workshops coming up in December!  We will start off with painting an assortment of ornaments on Thursday, Dec. 8 from 6 to 9.  We will paper mache and paint, use re-purposed materials, and make paper doll style creatures.  Any or all will look great on your tree, or make a great, one of a kind, gift.


Next will be a class to learn about all kinds of ways stencils can be used beyond what we normally think of.  In the process we will make a whole collection of decorated tags that will be handy to use in a multitude of ways.


The workshop trio will end up with “Smash it All”  a class on how to use smash books… and each participant will put together a custom smash book to take home!



Hope to see you there!

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