Flower Power Crow Style

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And again with the crows!  For these guys I dug out all kinds of little colorful bits out of my little scraps treasure box.  Crows seem like such colorful scavengers that it seems fitting to cloth them with my own scavanged papers.  They are grounded with some sewing tissue.  In the Citra Solv background I used my floral stencil which is under consideration to join my line of stencils.  What do you think?  Would you like to see this stencil available?

Here is a work in progress view….

This piece along with many other new pieces is headed to Dillon Nature Center in Hutchinson this weekend to spend a couple of months.  Be sure to stop by and see!

Tonight is Final Friday!  For those of you in the Wichita area, I encourage you to come out and enjoy the evening browsing local galleries.  Be sure and stop by Tessera Fine Art Gallery and say hi!  Not only do I have a wall there, and info on upcoming workshops, but I am also part of Wichita Women Artists which has an exhibit up there.

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. Susan Gantz

    I continue to love your birds –and all your work. I especially like the light background that sets off the dark crows so well.You probably won’t hate me forever (it doesn’t seem to be your style),but I put a vey light (as it thin) white wash over the background on the magpies to do the same thing. I felt they sort of got lost in the background and I want them to be the star feature. Now that I’ve “told” on myself, I’ll send a picture after my phone finishes charging. My other user favorite birds are carolina wrens, currently busy building this year’s nest outside my office window. I never know if it’s the same birds, or their offspring, but I look forward to their songs every year. Fondly, Susan

  2. Kayann Ausherman

    Susan, so good to hear from you! Of course I don’t mind what you do with your painting…and thanks for the feedback. I will keep that issue of contrast in mind as I create! I am not familiar with Carolina Wrens. I will have to look them up. How fun to have them come visit you every year! Thanks for touching base!


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