Simply Trees

“SimplyTrees” is a 12 x12 Citra Solv mixed media piece for which I created my own stencil design to use in creating.  Hanging out in the trees was my favorite place to be as a child.  I still have a special warmth for them, and I also feel a stirring toward adventure when I see a grove of them.  This piece gives me a sense of that.  Just trees.

Created with Citra Solv on National Geographic pages then painting the negative spaces.  This is one of the pieces I am taking with me to Red Barn Studio in Lindsborg where I will be Artist in Residence the next couple of weeks.  Hope you can pop in for a visit!  You will enjoy the free tour of mixed media artist Lester Raymer’s work and studio.

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  1. Carol Jones

    We were just in Lindsborg on August 5 for the annual car show. I visited the Sandzen Gallery but not the Red Barn Studio this time. We had a granddaughter who went to Bethany. She is now at KU working on a doctorate in pharmacology/chemistry.
    Today at City Arts I bought one of your leather snap bracelets with a sunflower of unpainted leather. It will go with my spring/summer purse and clothes in my wardrobe. I noted your website on the cuff and am now visiting. I am going to send your website to a friend in Austin who is palliative self care, having been turned down for the next round of cancer treatment. She was once a neighbor to me here in Wichita, actually Bel Aire, and who spent 20 years in Japan studying a paste resist fabric technique. She also taught English to medical students. Her father was a Fulbright scholar in Japan when Mary was 10 years old. His work was in ceramics and he taught in San Jose. I like your work, Kayann Ausherman.

    • Kayann Ausherman

      That is amazing! Thank you for the purchase of the bracelet! I hope you enjoy it! Your friend in Austin sounds like a remarkable person. Carol, hope we run into each other somewhere in Wichita!

      • Carol Jones

        Thank you for your reply. I have worn the bracelet already and plan to wear it tomorrow when we leave for family cabin on Grand Lake in NE OK.

  2. Carol Jones

    I plan to see your exhibit this afternoon at Larksfield. My husband will be at the car show this afternoon. Happy your exhibit is still up.

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