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The inspirtation for “Sisterhood” came from my own six girls.  They are very diverse in height, weight, skin color, attitudes, interests, and temperament.  Some were born to me and some arrived through adoption.  Yet, they are all mine, and all tied to one another by sisterhood.  They might not be friends were they not related…. and certainly were not always friends growing up!  But now that they have reached maturity, there is a bond that goes beyond their differences.  They disagree, and make different choices, but they all come together again in loyalty and love for each other.  I think there is something we could learn there, don’t you?

Here is a view of it in progress.  Looks pretty creepy until the eyes are painted in!

Sisterhood is on a 15 x 30 deep sided stretched canvas.  Send me a message if interested, or order a print here.

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