Italian Villa

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I would like to say that this collage artwork was inspired by a trip to Italy, but it was very unglamourously inspired by a pretty piece of thrift store artwork that also had a cute little cluster of white washed houses with red roofs that I imagined being found in Italy.  “Air a I’Italien” was named after a little scrap of paper that is included in the closest little house in this collage landscape. I used corrugated cardboard painted red for some of the roofs.  Some dried paint peeled off of my palette served as the stained glass windows in the church.  Map pages are in the sky, as well as other treasured paper scraps.  The foreground has a lush green paper landscape, that I imagine being vineyards. I used Shiva oil pantstiks to add some shadows and finish off the piece.

Landscapes are a little outside of my usual subject matter, but I had fun with this and may decide to do more!

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  1. Wow! You NEVER cease to amaze!

  2. M chamberlain

    No words for your brilliance

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