Bardo’s Chest Has Settled In

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bardo's box

Finally got Bardo’s Art Chest moved into my studio and organized my paints into it.  If you missed the history behind this piece, check out my post here.  I know my paints are different than the ones Bardo used, but all the little shelves in the back of the chest worked out just fine for my bottles and jars of paint.  I like having the bottom facing out because it is easy to see just what color I want to grab!  There is a special tray for long handled brushes and a couple sections that I haven’t decided how to use yet, but I’m sure I will have them filled soon!  You can also see my fancy tin cans for storing brushes, scissors, and pens.  A coke crate on wheels sits on top of the chest, and holds all kinds of often used utensils. My glass party plate palette slides nicely underneath. Nest to the crate is one of the globes that I am excited about giving a mixed media makeover!

Bardo paint orgainzer


Here’s a telling peak of the colors I gravitate to!



Some photo posters of Bardo himself!

More peeks inside my studio to come!

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  2. This worked out perfect! What a great continuance for an art box. So glad you were the one to buy it, because you are a dedicated and inspired to create everyday artist.

  3. Terri Tharp

    I’m so happy to see your chest with your supplies settling in! Its extra special because your husband thought you really should have this special piece! wonderful!

  4. Having been Bardo’s assistant for nearly 20 years, I’m glad someone got that box and will use it.
    I have some other background on the box if you are interested.

  5. Be happy to…email me

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