Fisherman’s Daughter

cape cod sketch

Continuing on with my Regal Women series, this woman lives on the coast… a New England State I believe, and has made friends with the local animal life.  Might be a bit tough for her since she is the daughter of a successful fisherman.  I think maybe she is holding the fish that will get away.

Those are the ideas that circle through my mind while making a sketch for the piece. I blocked in some basics on a canvas that I took along when I visited the Red Barn Studio as an artist in residence.


I made some changes from my sketch, but the basic elements remained.

Fisherman's Daughter watermark

For one thing, she had to have a crown to fit in with the other ladies… “Forest Queen”, “Princess on the Prairie” and “Bluebonnet Belle.”

Forest Queen watermark         Prairie Princess watermark         Blue Bonnet Belle watermark

And her hair needed some fun inky detailing.

close up

I added a sailboat, but otherwise, stayed pretty true to my sketch.

I used some papers in this piece…. on the fish, the pelican, the seagull and in her skirt.

Hope you have a terrifically creative week!

If you are interested in this piece, it will be headed to Tessera Fine Art Gallery this week.

For prints of Fisherman’s Daughter, and my other royal ladies, head over to my etsy shop!


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  1. SWOONNNNNN!!! Love the hair, the skirt … these series of queens truly ROCK! Can’t wait for the next state!

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