Natural Dye Easy Bundle

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I have been doing lots of research and experimenting with natural dyes lately.  I am intrigued by the ingredients, the process, and the results that will then be incorporated into my artwork.  I love not only the colors, but the designs and marks made by old as time techniques of folding and wrapping the materials around inclusions that will affect the color, shibori style.


Rusty nails, flakes of red pepper, dandelions, yellow onion skins, bark…. are just a few of the natural goodness that I stick into the bundles. Once opened they are rinsed away, leaving their marks behind.

At a Tessera Fine Art Gallery workshop last week, this little group made their own bundles and mixed their own dye bath in a jar to take home and brew.

I have made a way for you to share in the experience with these pre-made bundles with natural dye ingredients.

In these little sample dye bundles, I have also included natural powdered dyes like indigo, turmeric, black tea, chili powder… among the layers of fabrics, lace, and paper.  They are then wrapped up in copper wire, butchers string, wool yarn, or other color altering or receiving wrapping.

The bundle is then placed in the included pint mason jar, along with “brewing” instructions and a pair of gloves.  You won’t know what bundle, or colors you are getting, but there is a slip with the color altering inclusions listed for your information.  There are other fun little treasures wrapped into your bundle as well!

To activate the dye in your natural dye bundle, simply follow the instructions included in the jar.  Once they have brewed a few days, I pop them in the oven at the lowest setting, or sit them in the hot sun for a few days.

Once thoroughly dried, the bundles may be unwrapped to reveal treasures of color and patterns within.

To purchase your own little natural dye bundle kit and give natural dying a try, head over here.



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